Category: Personal reflection

February 28, 2020

Rich dad Poor dad and a confused me.

So after months of having my younger cousin nag me about reading Rich dad Poor dad, I finally picked up the copy of it and started reading it. It might have taken me awhile to fully understand the concept behind it all and for all I know, I’m still very much lost in the financial illiteracy forest. The mere idea of the idea that “The […]

January 25, 2020

You’ll be fine, so they said…..

Time heals all wounds, they said….Don’t get over it, go through it ,they said 😏 feel all they pain and deal with it, they preached …. Well I DID just that !! and yet twenty years later here I am feel as worthless as I did back then. Why won’t time heal my wounds? What do i have to do ? Is it the constant […]

December 29, 2019

Make it stop…

All the thinking, all the stressing and all the feeling inadequate. Sometimes it all gets too much to the point of feeling my chest close in and getting light-headed all because I just can’t stop to breath. Personally I could make a whole list to things, people and situations to blame for these slight panic attacks, but truth is I am lacking emotional intelligence as […]