All the thinking, all the stressing and all the feeling inadequate. Sometimes it all gets too much to the point of feeling my chest close in and getting light-headed all because I just can’t stop to breath.

Personally I could make a whole list to things, people and situations to blame for these slight panic attacks, but truth is I am lacking emotional intelligence as a product of the confusion of who I should be or how I am suppose to act and how my life should be. How do you stop to breath in this fast paced society…..FOMO got me crippled. Fear Of Missing Out …or am I just trying to fill my life with meaningless moments to distract myself from the deafening emptiness inside.

I’m in search of me …as stupid as that might sound but I want life in my life and the only way to actually get it, is to just STOP…

Take me there

Take me to the edge of the world ….my peace might be there.