January 8, 2022

New start

By Confusedgirl

Every year we make new promises to ourselves and see the new year as a fresh start. Honestly every day can be viewed as a new start as it is, but let’s look at the new year. The most standard resolution is weight loss and healthier habits.

What did you promise yourself this new 2022 year?

Mental health in women in general has become more and more available to discuss for the last few years. So with that said, my focus is shifting to self, including the standard exercising resolution but more so my mental status. I have sent so much time focusing on what I have lost and how its been affecting me and dragging me to a place where I no longer recognize myself. As much as i would preach kindness and forgiving, it never really served me any well. Sometimes when dealing with human beings, one needs to be a mirror and give back the energy they give you.

With the new year and new start and the new me, I want to explore all the different aspect of me. From the spiritual to the dark feminine side of me and I can only hope to lay a less confusing road for those to follow.