Honestly I can not pinpoint the exact time or date when everything wrong for me in the love department. Maybe I’ve had bad experiences in my past but nothing that could scar me emotionally to a level of me being unable to commit in a serious relationship.

Recently I seem to ruin things before they blossom into my happily ever after and frankly it’s starting to get to me. I love fighting apparently, I mean at least that’s what everyone has been telling me these days. Maybe I might be, perhaps slightly addicted to conflict but nothing serious worth a whole hour in psychology.

I’m just scared of what love has been translated to these days, love was, is and forever will be beautiful but not when it is used as a weapon, or am I the only one who has experienced such? I want to love but I just so happen to want to love myself enough to want to protect myself, if that makes any sense.

To love or not to love….