June 1, 2020

Affirmation seekers

By Confusedgirl

If I had to stop and think about me myself as a young black woman, honestly nothing comes to mind, as I am left wondering Who am I? Knowing where I am, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually would really just remove the load on my shoulders. I ask the people around me, Who am I, and they describe someone foreign to me. Is that who they see me as? Is that what I am portraying?

I want them to tell me who I am, not because I don’t know who I really but because I’m torn between the future me and the present me (bare in mind the present me is the product of the past me), leaving me living in a timeline of constant void.

I ask you not because I don’t know, but I ask only to see where you standing from when looking at me, present, past or future.?