July 28, 2020

Am I complete or do I need you to complete me?

By Confusedgirl

The whole idea of a relationship was to find someone to complete you and together be whole as one. 10 years down the line, the new emphasis is on finding a whole complete person, no longer to complete you but to compliment you. Where do I find a complete person without battle scars from past attempts at true love.

What classifies a person as whole or complete? Is it their trusting nature, because if that’s the case, then I’m far from being complete because I have trust issues for years…..

Is it the level of neediness? or the independence? perhaps the financial stability. What,s the idea behind a complete fully functionally long lasting relationship? A majority of women want that old school love with enough sweet romance to rot your teeth, but boys now want quick no fuss call you when I need you love. So now which is the most incomplete sex, so we can start figuring this out, men or women?

We need to start changing the conversations we are having as to what defines you to be complete and stable as you enter a relationship. Personally i don’t see a problem with allowing a person into my life to come restore and rebuild me when I simply can not. Am I complete or am I still looking for my better half?