October 6, 2020

False self image alert

By Confusedgirl

So its said how you see the world is a reflection of how you see yourself. The idea of self image is the very defining point of it.

If that is true, then one of my perceptions is lying. I personally see the world as full of opportunities and hope, but internally I’m numb. I know it doesn’t make any sense but somehow it does. By numb, I mean I see it all happening but I’m not feeling anything special, or am I looking for a feeling that Disney implanted in my head. Where is this hope and the possible opportunities that I see externally but not internally.

False self image! That is what I diagnosed myself with. I see myself as numb because maybe I’m afraid to be optimistic, the mere thought of seeing myself as great and happy just somehow scares the living daylight out of me. I say I’m numb not because I am avoiding being sad or hurt, but also being happy and accepted.

Bottom line is my self image is clouded with fear and yet I tell people, the world could be great if you allow yourself to fully live. Don’t be like me, align your perceptions.