November 10, 2020

I’m drowning

By Confusedgirl

I’m drowning, I’m drowning in fear, in pain and in frustration. It is pulling me inward in such a way that, I can’t even stream out for help. It creeps up on me even in the most un-triggered of times.

I can’t see how this ends. The stages this comes at me is confusing, if I’m not numb, then I’m sad or depressed and people don’t seem to enjoy being around a burdened soul. So how do you reach out for help when no one can bare the low vibrations emitting from the deep sorrow. I’m drowning and I can’t help it. Material things can only distract me for a short while, but then it’s like I just get hit by a train of mixed emotions. It never gives any warnings. It just comes when it comes.

How does one handle such lows when no one is reaching out. I ‘m drowning and I can’t even ask for help. You know this persona but not the real me, when I’m down they just distance themselves. I’m drowning in fear, fear of not being seen but also fear of being seen. What do you see when you see me?, I just hope you don’t see the scared little girl.

Just the ramblings of a confused girl.