August 17, 2020

I am kind…. simply kind

By Confusedgirl

When did being kind become so questionable?

Where did it all go wrong? Are we so accustom to rudeness and harshness, that we now think that anyone trying to showing the little humanity left in us, is fake? I am not sucking up or want anything, I am simply being kind. We call anyone who genuinely cares and supports our every move, fake. Are you okay with having such low expectations from us earthlings? Our true nature is peace and kindness, but the society we have built has made us so wary of each other,

we now look both ways before crossing a one way road. All it takes for you to make someone else’s day a little brighter is for you to just smile, I promise it won’t hurt you. Kindness takes nothing away from you strength. Don’t do it for anyone else, just do it for yourself.

If you have to take anything away from this is that its okay to be selfish by wanting good for others because it makes you feel good inside.