September 16, 2020

I need a me in my corner

By Confusedgirl

You see that person cheering you on day by day, always there to uplift you and make you feel better after a long crappy day. I need that person, but unfortunately the best barber can not have the best hair cut. I need a me.

How can I need myself in my own corner as if to say I neglect myself, which I don’t. But I can’t help but notice that I’m kinder to others than myself, I believe in others more than in myself. I push others to strive for better, yet i have a bible of excuses for myself. Where am I in my own corner? I continuously believe that me giving myself excuses, is me being kinder and not over working myself. Deep down I know that’s just another excuse.

I want that cheerleader in my corner too, she seems to have it all together. As much as I would love to call her selfless in her taking care of others, I can’t help but call her selfish for putting me first. She draws her energy from me and leaves me dry and alone to fend for myself after a long day of her taking care of others.

As much as I would love to hate her, the truth is I need a me in my corner, but she refuses.