October 21, 2020

Why is love soo scary….?

By Confusedgirl

We have been through this before and it didn’t end so well, it might have not been with you, but in a way it was. I know how I am when in love and it ain’t pretty. The idea of me losing myself again is terrifying. I will never understand why love is now scary.

You are different, or so I wish you are but I’m not. I’m still the same old girl that gets terrified when the idea of love comes along. I know what love is capable of, and as much as I would love to say ‘I want love’, the truth is I’m terrified because the idea of love comes with the possibility of being hurt and being left alone wondering if I will ever be good enough. Is it worth it I wonder. The stakes are high in this case. I continuously wonder why has love become so scary, why can’t I just trust again, why can’t I just love again.

You are not the problem, but neither am I. I am just trying to protect the one person that has always been with me. My day one, the one that gets me and always protects me and that one person is me. I’m sorry if me trying to protect me comes with the possibility of losing you. Unfortunately, I got to protect me because I’m all I’ve got.

As scary as it may sound, I am willing going to give love a chance once more.

LOL…. I’m not stupid in love, just a hopeless romantic.