August 3, 2020

I’m tired of fighting

By Confusedgirl

It’s draining, it’s pointless and makes me weak yet fuels my toxic attraction to you. I need your attention and it seems fighting is the only way to keep you online long enough to feed my craving for you.

The reason I can’t keep doing this to myself is beyond logic . I don’t want to lose you too, because I have already lose myself, I simply can not lose you too. Lord knows I hate it when we fight, I’m not even sure what I’m fighting for anymore. Foolishly I have magically brainwashed myself into thinking that when we fight, you somehow fighting to keep me and somehow that gave me some sense of self worth. Us fighting validates that I’m worth fighting for.

You are the death of me and this is where I throw in the white towel. I’m tired of fighting aren’t you ?