August 25, 2020

The reason why self love is soo hard to attain

By Confusedgirl

Somehow loving yourself just seems just a little harder than what I had originally envisioned. I know I’m good enough and I know what I am capable of. I understand where I’m coming from and I know where I’m going. So why is hard for me to proudly and honestly say ” I love myself, unconditionally”

Firstly, what does loving one’s own self mean? Do I go out on dates or one woman shopping spree or hitting the gym? Who can define self love?

Well, I think I think I have finally figured it out from my own perspective. Loving myself means to forgive myself, and that’s why it’s soo hard to attain. Forgiving yourself for things beyond and within your control is crucial. Be kinder to yourself and just breath. The world is not lacking of people to tear you down and remind you of all your mistakes and bad experiences, so why add yourself to the count.

To truly love yourself, you must forgive yourself. They say it frees your soul, personally I wouldn’t know yet but I’m on my way there to find out, because clearly holding on hasn’t worked out all that well for me, I don’t know about you……..