August 21, 2020

What is your excuse for not being where you want to be….?

By Confusedgirl

We all have that long million page excuse book logged at the back of our minds. We tend to find reasons not to do things that somehow challenge us , we use page 59 to get excuses as to why not.

Personally I think I now have the second edition of excuses to keep myself in one spot. The problems could go deeper then one thinks, perhaps I feel unworthy of the happiness and success that comes with stepping out the comfort zone, to challenge what the possible future brings? It’s never cut clean, I’m lazy excuse. We all have that subconscious being within us that always influences our decisions. The excuses have turned to physical pain excuses where even I consciously find myself defeated. Before doing anything productive, there is always a full blown war that happens inside of me. My subconscious refuses to change, and to help keep it in a familiar environment, I constantly use those excuses. I’m tired or upset of I will all of a blue recall an old painful experience to give my mind that feeling of sadness and fear. The mere recollection of those memories puts me in a different mindset where the only option is to sleep or shat down.

So there you have it people, my biggest excuse is” not feeling well from my own self inflicted pain”. The only way to break the power of excuses is by the power of good habits.

What are your excuses?