February 14, 2020

Who are we?

By Confusedgirl

Who are we suppose to be in this time of our lives? I’ve spent soo much of my time thinking what’s right and what should be.

I’m supposed to be this extraordinary example to kids younger than me, I should be showing them that it’s all possible and truly it is, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that the pressure has got me feeling like I have failed everyone in not being who they want me to be or being the person they thought I would be. I want to do things differently and of course I’ll make mistakes but atleast I would explored all avenues this century has to offer.

We are a generation of possibilities but the expectations of people around us puts us in a “pending” status, I know it’s possible but do I want to do it. What defines us? Is it the choices we make, the things we do or is it the people we keep around us?

To be or not be …? has been the question for centuries and to this day, I relate to it more than ever.