May 14, 2020

Why did you stay?

By Confusedgirl

My unconscious habits of pushing people away has always been my way of life, and it had proven effective in keeping me in my own deep dark world of loneliness and constant replay of my life’s down bad choices. So naturally pushing people away kept me and my demons in good peaceful company, but you decided to stay…… Why?

From ignoring your texts, ignoring your calls and to cancelling our plans, you stayed. But why? I had come to peace with being alone and yet you insists on loving and supporting me, why would you keep coming back? What am I giving to you, to this friendship that makes you stick around. Many have tried but you have withstood the test of time and more-so the test of my negative vibes and low vibrations. What did you see in me that I couldn’t see in myself. Is this the true meaning of friendship?

Are you here to show me that I am worth loving and I am worth fighting for, even when the person you to fight is me? Why go through so much for me?

Why are you still here?