January 25, 2020

You’ll be fine, so they said…..

By Confusedgirl

Time heals all wounds, they said….Don’t get over it, go through it ,they said 😏 feel all they pain and deal with it, they preached ….

Well I DID just that !! and yet twenty years later here I am feel as worthless as I did back then.

Why won’t time heal my wounds? What do i have to do ? Is it the constant replay that happens in my mind every time and serves as a slight reminder of how worthy others may perceive me to be?I know I shouldn’t look for validation from any external factor, it should always come from within but my within is as damaged and cracked as it could possibly be, so what good can that serve me. I constantly bleed onto people who never hurt because of their slight gestures just make the broken child in me feel unprotected all over again.

Time…. is it now relative or not Einstein?

Time heals all wounds ……

Well mine are standing the test of time ….. or am I purposely hanging on to them because I feel I deserved it….. either way, I got a long way to go.

Possibly just ranting….